Secure the Network

Managed real-time security solutions

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

NTT provides a comprehensive scanning service that includes expert analysis by seasoned security professionals, including remediation information when warranted. Both perimeter scanning and internal vulnerability scanning options are available, with complete analysis of scan results.


Hybrid Deployment Solutions

The service offers comprehensive deployment solutions with on-premise, cloud or hybrid options available in more than one million cities.


Easy Management

Real-time visibility, security notifications and compliance reporting are provided through the NTTView customer portal.

Predictive Analytics

NTT’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning Services are supported 24×7 by NTT’s Global Operations Centers, with certified engineers leveraging predictive analytics to detect 95% of potential issues before they can impact your network health.

NTT can perform monitoring only or full management of your security environment, depending on your requirements.

How it works


Predictive Analytics Platform

NTT uses its Predictive Analytics Platform and Advanced Security Management Systems to proactively monitor and manage vulnerability scanning services

Deployment of Scan Infrastructure

Vulnerability Scanning includes deployment of scan infrastructure, execution of scans on a scheduled basis, and analysis of scan results with remediation guidance

One Contract & One Invoice Option

One Contract and One Invoice Option – managed services included with a single contract and a single invoice

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • Experience Better Protection with non-impacting vulnerability scanning that includes review, analysis and findings by certified security experts, real-time visibility and policy control of scan profiles
  • Experience Better Service Delivery with proven deployment methodology, resulting in valuable feedback on your security posture without impacting your production environment
  • Experience Better Customer Support with expert analysis of scan findings, 99% of actionable security tickets opened proactively

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