Virtualized Overlay Networking

Reach 1 million cities worldwide

Virtualized Overlay Networking

Extend the well-known benefits of virtualization technologies to solve your WAN needs – experience true network diversity and consistency worldwide

NTT’s Virtualized Overlay Networking platform integrates more than 1,000 of the best-performing local, regional and global providers, giving you greater flexibility, greater resiliency, and greater geographic reach than any traditional network provider.

Highest enterprise network performance and uptime

Leveraging this multicarrier design, NTT seamlessly enables best-path routing and auto-failover across diverse providers for the highest enterprise network performance and uptime.

1,000+ carriers in over 190 countries

The platform enables services for enterprises in more than 190 countries, backed by end-to-end SLAs, from IP, MPLS and Broadband VPNs, to in-country local Internet.

Open Architecture

NTT’s open architecture – not reliant on any one carrier, network or technology – enables faster innovation as the market evolves to better meet your changing requirements.

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • More than 500 global enterprises are already experiencing the benefits of NTT ESC’s built-in network virtualization; developed using NTT’s advanced software-defined network (SDN) technologies that free you from the need to deploy IT infrastructure at each branch office.
  • Not ready for the cloud? NTT enables a seamless migration path by supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions within one unified global service.

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