Network Optimization

Delivers higher performance & ROI

Network Optimization

Automated visibility into 1,000+ provider partner networks gives you best-of-breed technology options at the best prices, via highly flexible and efficient designs

NTT’s Network Optimization Platform enables a real-time view of critical provider selection metrics such as service delivery, network performance, operational support and price.

Highest quality access options

NTT maintains a stringent provider selection and ongoing monitoring process to ensure the highest quality and most competitive regional and last-mile access options.

In-depth knowledge of local and regional networks

Leveraging this platform, along with our long-term relationships and in-depth knowledge of local and regional networks, NTT gives you the optimal design and value for each location, be it branch office, data center or cloud.

Unparalleled geographic reach

Benefit from end-to-end integration of disparate access technologies with unparalleled geographic reach, at speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • More than 500 global enterprises are already experiencing the benefits of NTT ESC’s built-in network virtualization; developed using NTT’s advanced software-defined network (SDN) technologies that free you from the need to deploy IT infrastructure at each branch office.
  • Not ready for the cloud? NTT enables a seamless migration path by supporting on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions within one unified global service.

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