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Managed Cloud-Based IPS

NTT delivers cloud-based services that secure your enterprise IT environment quickly and cost-effectively while reducing the burden on your internal IT team.


Delivered via Local Cloud Centers around the world

NTT’s Managed Cloud-Based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Services are enabled by NTT’s Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC), delivered instantly via Local Cloud Centers around the world to support your data center, branch office or extranet partner locations.

NTTView Customer Portal

The cloud-based IPS service also works seamlessly with on-premise solutions in a hybrid deployment. The service includes a dedicated virtualized IPS appliance that performs in-line packet inspection for active blocking of malicious payloads. Real-time visibility, security notifications and compliance reporting are provided through the NTTView customer portal.

Predictive Analytics

NTT’s cloud IPS services are supported 24×7 by NTT’s Global Operations Centers, with certified engineers leveraging predictive analytics to detect 95% of potential security issues before they can impact your network health.

NTT can perform monitoring only or full management of your security environment, depending on your requirements.

How it works

Enterprise Services Cloud Platform

NTT uses its Enterprise Services Cloud Platform to instantly deliver a virtualized cloud-based intrusion prevention instance dedicated to you, which integrates seamlessly with your enterprise network and security environment


Predictive Network Analytics Platform

NTT uses its Predictive Analytics Platform and Advanced Security Management Systems to proactively manage and monitor dedicated virtualized IPS instances

24×7 Security Expertise

NTT Global Operations Centers provide 24×7 support for real-time response to security events and any configuration change requests

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • Experience Better Protection with instantly deployed cloud intrusion prevention with accurate, actionable alerting, real-time visibility and policy control, 5x reduction in security downtime
  • Experience Better Service Delivery with cloud security activation in hours, proven deployment methodology that integrates and extends your existing security infrastructure without capex
  • Experience Better Customer Support with proactive signature update, tuning and vulnerability management, qualified rapid incident response, 99% of security tickets opened proactively

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