Secure the Network

Managed real-time security solutions

Managed Distributed Real-Time Security

NTT offers a distributed security solution that creates a multi-tier cloud security architecture to protect the enterprise in real-time from an array of Internet and data networking security threats.

Hybrid Deployment Options

The service offers comprehensive deployment solutions with on-premise, cloud or hybrid options available in more than one million cities.

Highly Configurable Protection

These highly-configurable virtualized services — which include DDoS protection, botnet protection, intrusion prevention and firewalls — enable the early detection of potential attacks and accelerate incident response.

Easy Management

The service easily integrates with other cloud-based services, such as virtualized IP VPNs, application acceleration and load balancing, to create a holistic enterprise network and security solution.

How it works

Enterprise Services Cloud Platform

NTT uses its Enterprise Services Cloud Platform to dynamically deploy a distributed array of network security technology for a layered defense against zero-day threats and provide an early response against data loss


Predictive Analytics Platform

NTT uses its Predictive Analytics Platform and Advanced Security Management Systems to proactively monitor and manage real-time distributed security services

24×7 Security Expertise

NTT Global Operations Centers provide 24×7 support for real-time analysis and remediation guidance

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • Experience Better Protection with a highly distributed and integrated cloud security architecture
  • Experience Better Service Delivery with instant deployment of a comprehensive set of highly-configurable cloud security services that integrate with your network
  • Experience Better Customer Support with expert 24x7 monitoring and management of your security infrastructure, 99% of actionable security tickets opened proactively

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