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In-Country Local Internet

NTT provides direct local Internet access in 190+ countries via 1,000+ service providers for the broadest service coverage in the industry. The service delivers optimal Internet performance to local partners, local cloud applications and other locally-hosted resources.

Direct Local Internet Access

Managed In-country Local Internet Service coverage extends to 1 million cities around the world, with a broad range of access types, including Ethernet, dedicated connections (TDM), xDSL, cable, 3G/4G/LTE wireless, and fixed wireless with speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 10 Gbps.

Predictive Analytics

NTT’s In-Country Local Internet Services are supported 24×7 by NTT’s Global Operations Centers, with skilled engineers leveraging predictive network analytics – NTTPredict – to detect 95% of potential issues before they can impact your network health.

How it works

Network Cost & Optimization Platform

NTT uses its Network Cost and Optimization platform to select the best performing local Internet connection at the best price for every branch office or data center

Virtualized Overlay Network Platform

NTT uses its multi-carrier overlay network platform for end-to-end optimization of Internet network connectivity performance and uptime


One Contract, One Invoice, One SLA

In-country Local Internet services are available with a single contract, single invoice and single end-to-end service level agreement (SLA)

Why NTT:

NTT is the smart choice for your SD-WAN enterprise networking and virtual IT service needs.

  • Experience Better Flexibility and Coverage with the same network supporting both VPN and Internet connectivity
  • Experience Better Service Delivery with 50% faster network service activation than traditional carriers

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