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Data Center Infrastructure Management

NTT’s managed IT infrastructure services for virtualized data centers and private clouds alleviate complexity with the latest tools, technologies and expertise to accelerate data center optimization and transformation while avoiding downtime associated with data center operational issues.


Higher Availability & Cost Efficiencies

NTT’s Global Operations Centers’ engineers provide 24×7 monitoring and management with extensive expertise in supporting multivendor IT solutions across global data center/private cloud environments, using NTT-proprietary platforms that exploit emerging technologies to give enterprises higher availability and cost efficiencies.

Data Center Infrastructure

The company provides a single source to design, implement and manage global data center network virtualization. NTT manages a wide array of data center infrastructure, such as LAN switches, load balancers, application acceleration appliances, security devices and more.

How it works

Best Practice Processes

NTT leverages its advanced automation platforms to ease this transition, enabling enterprises to benefit from rapid deployment/ modification of virtual data center and private cloud services using best-practice processes and pre-defined policies for more accurate management of network and security services.

Reliability & Flexibility

These vendor-agnostic orchestration tools deliver the consistency, reliability and flexibility to dynamically scale and load balance resources to meet fluctuating demand while increasing predictability of infrastructure performance to help avoid data center downtime.

Reduce the Risk of Costly Delays

Enterprises reduce the risk of costly delays and configuration errors by exploiting NTT’s expertly engineered end-to-end virtualization design and delivery.

Predictive Network Analytics

NTT leverages its Predictive Network Analytics platform to diagnose more than 95% of potential data center network and security issues before they can impact operational performance. By speeding resolution of issues – or avoiding them altogether – the service enables enterprises to achieve better availability while cutting support and operating costs by an average of 30 percent.

Why NTT:

  • Experience Better Performance with a more reliable and available global IT infrastructure while easing the need for internal IT teams to manage increasingly complex technologies
  • Experience Better Support with highly skilled personnel and complete transparency into real-time and historical performance of your multivendor IT infrastructure via the NTTView portal
  • Experience Better Service Guarantees by shifting from Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) to Actual-Time-to-Repair (TTR) with Virtela‚Äôs world first TTR SLA

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