Manage IT Infrastructure

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Security Infrastructure Management

NTT offers expert monitoring and management of customer-owned security infrastructure on a global scale, with proactive management platforms and capabilities to ensure the safeguard of your critical enterprise assets and infrastructure.


IT Infrastructure Management

NTT’s IT infrastructure Management Services support customer security deployments from a wide variety of vendors, including firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), URL Filtering, Antivirus and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and other technologies.

Global Delivery

NTT’s IT Infrastructure Management Services are supported 24×7 by NTT’s Global Operations Centers, with skilled engineers leveraging predictive network analytics – NTTPredict – to detect 95% of potential issues before they can impact your network health.

Real-time Visibilty

NTT can perform monitoring only or full management of your security environment, depending on your requirements. Real-time visibility and security notifications are provided through the NTTView customer portal.

How it works

Accelerated Identification and Resolution

NTT leverages its Predictive Network Analytics platform to diagnose more than 95% of potential network and security issues before they can impact operational performance. By speeding resolution of issues – or avoiding them altogether – the service enables enterprises to achieve better availability while cutting support and operating costs by an average of 30 percent.

24×7 Security Services

NTT’s Security Team works with you to understand your security requirements and optimize your environment using best-practice processes and pre-defined policies for more accurate 24×7 management of security services.

Predictive Modeling

NTT’s integration of audit logs with existing compliance tools help you meet compliance requirements; network discovery and inventory tools help optimize your maintenance contracts; and network modeling tools help further reduce downtime by modeling changes before they are made.

Why NTT:

  • Experience Better Performance with a more reliable and available global IT infrastructure while easing the need for internal IT teams to manage increasingly complex technologies
  • Experience Better Support with highly skilled personnel and complete transparency into real-time and historical performance of your multivendor IT infrastructure via the NTTView portal
  • Experience Better Service Guarantees by shifting from Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) to Actual-Time-to-Repair (TTR) with NTT’s world first TTR SLA

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