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Deliver better end-user experience

Managed Remote Access Service

When embarking on global business opportunities, it is imperative that organizations provide secure 24×7 network access to employees and locations around the world.


Maximize Business Continuity

With NTT’s Managed Remote Access Services, global enterprises can maximize business continuity by providing simple, flexible, and secure methods of corporate network access to remote users.

Maximize Productivity

This allows employees to perform key functions, such as working with critical corporate applications anytime, anywhere, from any device for maximum productivity.

Customized Remote Access Solutions

NTT provides a full spectrum of remote access solutions – SSL, IPSec and Internet VPNs – each with custom levels of security and performance to match your business need.

Flexible Service Offerings

NTT’s SSL VPN offering, for example, works with any web browser and eliminates the need for client-software deployment, changes to internal servers, and costly ongoing maintenance and desktop support. If you already own equipment, NTT can also manage it for you as a service.

Instant Service Activation

With NTT’s Managed Remote Access Services, you can add new locations within days instead of months, set up new users within hours instead of weeks, and reduce the hours your IT staff spends supporting mobile users.

Predictive Analytics

The services are supported 24×7 by NTT’s Global Operations Centers, with skilled engineers leveraging predictive network analytics – NTTPredict – to detect 95% of potential issues before they can impact your network health.

How it works

Enterprise Services Cloud Platform

NTT offers remote access as a managed service hosted from within the NTT Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC) platform or on the customer’s premises.

Global Load Balancing

Leveraging the cloud, you can alleviate the upfront capital expenses while enjoying fast service activation/changes and 100% uptime with global redirect and load balancing across NTT’s 50+ Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) worldwide.

Virtualized Overlay Networking Platform

NTT uses its Multi-carrier Virtualized Overlay platform for optimal routing and dynamic failover across the best-performing network path. As a result, the service can withstand the smallest performance issue to major infrastructure outages


Predictive Network Analytics Platform

NTT uses its Predictive Network Analytics platform to proactively monitor and manage remote access network connectivity performance and uptime

Why NTT:

  • Experience Better End-User Performance with consistent, reliable and secure remote access from any location on any device (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Experience Better ROI by exploiting the advantages of NTT's virtualized gateways and load balancers within NTT ESC via scalable per-user pricing, without having to invest in expensive equipment and technology
  • Experience Better Support with NTT's 24x7 Global Operations Center expertise and full transparency into your services via the NTTView customer portal, offering real-time view and control for order entry, service delivery, service management, tracking and reporting, and billing

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