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Ease enterprise mobility management

Mobile Device Management

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile computing devices has created challenges for enterprises looking to balance user needs for anywhere, anytime mobile access WITH strict requirements for device and data security as well as cost management. In addition, the growing variety of device vendors, operating systems, and mobile operators has created further complexities for IT teams seeking a unified approach to mobile device management.


Mobile Device Management

NTT’s Cloud-based MDM service offloads IT organizations from the arduous task of managing and securing corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices (BYOD).

Cost Savings Management

Companies can achieve cost savings with the ability to monitor and control unauthorized or excessive roaming, data, voice and SMS usage, in addition to capex and ongoing management cost savings inherent with a cloud-based management service.

Lowest Monthly Fee with Highest Support

With a low monthly fee per device, no upfront charges, rapid service activation, the world’s first SLA for real-time notification, unified management portal, Virtela’s exceptional customer support and many other features, the cloud MDM service offers the best of all worlds in terms of value, performance and customer service.

How it works

Enterprise Services Cloud Platform

Virtela uses its Enterprise Services Cloud (ESC) platform to rapidly deploy and manage MDM services with unprecedented reach into 190+ countries, independent of the mobile operator or platform (including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile), with multi-language support.

Supports Thousands of Mobile Users

Delivered from Virtela’s Local Cloud Centers (LCCs) around the world, the service scales to support thousands of mobile users.


Real-Time Health Reports

Virtela provides real-time usage notification and enforcement by quickly detecting when roaming, data, voice, or SMS usage thresholds have been reached, and providing real-time alerts to the IT team and end-users.

Why Virtela:

Virtela is the smart alternative to traditional carriers and equipment vendors for enterprise networking and virtualized IT service needs

  • Experience Better Service Delivery with included policy set-up, device configuration, and ongoing 24x7 technical support as well as self-service via the VirtelaView customer portal
  • Experience Better Support with the industry‚Äôs only real-time notification SLA that guarantees you will be alerted within 15 minutes of mobile activities that compromise established corporate policies
  • Experience Better ROI by avoiding upfront capex and enjoy consistently predictable low monthly fees, without requiring any additional IT resources for implementation and management; achieve cost savings by controlling unauthorized or excessive roaming, data, voice and SMS usage

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